Center for Research and Evaluation of Human Performance


The Center of Research and Evaluation of Human Performance (CREHP) was established in 2000 and is the first institutionalized research activity of the Department of Physical Education and Sport Science, University of Thessaly. The aim of the CREHP is to further the understanding of the biological determinants of human exercise for health and for elite performance. In order to achieve this aim, the CREHP (a) promotes research activity and research collaboration with research institutions both at home and abroad, (b) contributes to the scientific support of elite performers, and (c) actively participates in the education and training of quality undergraduate and post-graduate students providing them with access to new scientific and technological developments in the field of the biology of human movement. Objective: to develop an internationally recognised and respected profile in research and scholarly activity.

FEK (establishing doc): 180/09/08/2000 (in Greek)


Lab Director: Athanasios Tsiokanos, Professor in Biomechanics



CREHP conducts all laboratory courses related to physiology, biochemistry, exercise physiology and environmental physiology, sport training and coaching, and biomechanics. Through these course students participate in measurements and evaluation of physical performance in both athletes and general population.


CREHP carry out basic and applied research in improving physical efficiency and quality of life. Some of the lab research topics are: Environmental physiology issues, occupational heat stress, gray adipose tissue function, diabetes and obesity, effects of exercise on lipid profile and the role of exercise and nutrition on the function of the human body, analysis of the factors that contribute to muscle contraction, biomechanical analysis of the movements in healthy and injured people, technical analysis and evaluation of sport movements, effectiveness of training programs in sports and fitness.


The center evaluates players of soccer and basketball teams and a large number of individual athletes of different sports (athletics, swimming, cycling, wrestling, etc.). In addition, free exercisers engaged in various sports and activities are evaluated at the center. The CREHP is able to test the aerobic capacity, the anaerobic capacity, the muscular strength and other parameters of human performance (body composition, flexibility, etc). The evaluation gives information about the type of training that must be followed by an athlete and the degree of improvement after a specific coaching intervention. The results of the measurements are used to compare the athletes of the same team and also can be compared with a database of a very large number of athletes of the same sport which is available in CREHP.


Center of Research and Evaluation of Human Performance

D.P.E.S.S. University of Thessaly


42100, Trikala, Greece


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